Our anaesthetists work as independent medical specialists. Therefore the fee for your anaesthetic is separate from the surgeon and hospital fees. Each anaesthetist in our group sets their own fees and you will receive an estimate of the fee before the procedure (if time allows). This estimate is a guide only, as the actual fee will depend on the duration and complexity of your procedure.

For most procedures, Medicare will rebate some of the anaesthetic fee. If you have private health insurance your fund will also rebate a portion of the fee. In most cases these will not cover the whole cost and there will be a gap for you to pay.

Why is there a gap?

The gap refers to the amount you will need pay, above the rebates from Medicare and any health insurance you may have. Our anaesthetists base their fees on a schedule of ‘items’ called the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS). The government allocates a rebate to each procedure, which is the dollar amount that Medicare will reimburse. Your health fund also uses this schedule and contributes a proportion of the rebate.

Unfortunately over the years the Medicare rebate has fallen further and further behind inflation. Since 1973 when Medicare started, average earnings have risen 1400%, but the MBS rebate has risen by only 500%. Health fund ‘gap cover’ policies have also failed to keep up, so they don’t cover the whole gap in many cases either. Some health funds might actually reduce the amount they contribute to your fee if the total bill is in excess of their ‘gap cover’ level. Policies vary considerably so you may wish to clarify the details of what will be covered with your insurer when you receive your estimate.

In cases of genuine hardship our anaesthetists may be willing to help by reducing their fees. Please contact BAS if you feel you would like to discuss fees with the staff or with your anaesthetist.

When will I receive my bill?

Your account is processed following your procedure. This takes approximately 4 weeks so you should receive your account 4-6 weeks after your procedure.

Paying your bill

Barwon Anaesthetic Service accepts payment of your fees by:

  • BPAY
  • Credit Card (MasterCard or Visa)
  • Cheque
  • Cash

Contact us if you have any queries or would like to pay your account.

Please have the following information ready if you are calling to make a payment:

  • Your credit card details
  • Invoice number
  • Your anaesthetist’s name
  • Patient details